Personal massage and treatment

Personal massage and treatment

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Personal massage and treatment

Location: Athens Type: Health/Wellness

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Call order a private massager (male or female) and within 2 hours he/she will come to your doorstep!

So in order to book you have to know your address!

What we'll do

1. 60' full Body Massage
A full body massage (for many known as a swedish massage) is the ultimate gift to give yourself. It will relieve stress and diminish the tiredness you are feeling. This massage will not only rejuvenate and refresh your body but also your soul.

2. 60’ Deep Tissue Massage
The aim of a deep tissue massage is to prevent muscle trauma, especially when exercising on a daily basis, this is why this sort of massage is advised to be done on a regular basis.
Frequent massage will help keep your muscles in a healthy condition and also improve their flexibility.
3. 60’ Triple Back Massage
The triple massage focuses on massaging your neck, upper back and follows down your spine to your lower waist. This back massage can help relieve lower back pain and also free the pressure that has been accumulated behind the neck and shoulders.
4. 60’ Leg Massage
Having a leg massage is just what you need after a long day of walking and sightseeing. A leg massage reduces tension and pain, releases energy blockage, generates flexibility in muscles, and improves muscular problems. Say good bye to sore legs with this massage.
5. 60’ Face And Head
This massage calms and relaxes the face with upward movements. It may not help eliminate wrinkles, but it certainly prevents the creation of new ones, giving your skin complexion a youthful radiance like no other.
6. 60’ Reflexology Massage
Reflexology massage is an alternative method based on the application of special pressures, through the feet. Energy runs through the body in channels known as meridians and massage of the feet stimulates these energy channels, promoting healing and relaxation.

Who can come

Everyone who is been accommodated in our Apartments


Price without the discount is 65€