Panathenaic Stadium + Audio Guide

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Panathenaic Stadium + Audio Guide

Location: Athens Type: Tours

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The Panathenaic Stadium, first constructed in 566 B.C has been the venue of choice for noble competition (and lots of nudity), since antiquity. Keep your clothes on for a guided audio tour of this marble venue and explore the site of the Olympic Games and Greek sporting history.

The ancient Panathenaic Stadium or 'Great Panathenaia' was once used to host celebrational events related to Athens. Back in the 330s B.C, the athletes competed entirely in the nude!

It fell into disrepair until preparations for the first modern Olympics in 1870 brought the stadium back to life... with a whole heap of marble!

See the vaulted passage and walk the halls once adorned with statues of marble, bronze and gold. Let the included audio guide fill you in on its Olympic history - the Panathenaic Stadium was most recently used as the finish line for the Marathon at the 2004 Olympic Game.

  • Learn the history of the Panathenaic Stadium with an informative, fun audio guide
  • Enter the vaulted passage, run on the track where nude athletes and Olympic contenders once raced!
  • Watch highlights from the Athens 2004 Olympic Games on two big screens and play on a multimedia touchscreen table